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 Steve Costello Applicaton Form.

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PostSubject: Steve Costello Applicaton Form.   Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:46 am

(IC) In-Character Questions.

Full name: Steve Costello.
Gender: Male.
Age: 21
Address:Los Santos
Birthday: 25/4/1990
Birthplace:San Fierro
Contact Number:*10413*
Previous Job(s):None.
Current Licenses:Driver(s),Pilot.
Life Biography: Steve Costello, I was born in San Fierro, my both parents are from Russia, they moved to San Fierro in 1990, and in 1992, they brought me to the world. It's been hard to work with your father from age thirteen, the family needs money, to eat, to pay the goverment, so my mother did not send me to the school, to learn, she sent me to work with my father, to work in renovations, to build new buildings. My father never paid me for being his partner within his job, he always told me; “Don't worry, kid, you will get the money at the future.” When I was five years old, my big brother, Adam, got killed by two strangers who tried to steal my father's car. “Scariest moment in my life” said my mother, who saw them both guys killing his big son from the window. Since that day, when two strangers killed my brother, my father is always next to me, he is like my bodyguard.

Now, I am twenty one years old, my father died two years ago, in an accident. When my mother told me he is dead, I was shocked. I did not go out of my home a few weeks, didn’t answer any phone-calls. My father was like my best friend, we did everything a son and his father can do. “He was drunk, and he didn’t control his car” said the Police Officer, Steven Ivankov. One year ago, when I was twenty years old, I took a decision to leave San Fierro, and to begin a new life in Los Santos, with a friend of mine called Sergei. A friend of my father found me a job, and me and Sergei are going to work with that guy, to earn some money, and to start a new paper with ourselves. That is my life story, thank you.

(OOC) Out-of-Character Questions




Timezone: GMT +2

Other Accounts:NO.

Have you passed all the Requirements?: Yes, I did.

Do you have a working microphone: Yes.

Are you prepared to use TeamSpeak?: Yes I do.

My player screenshot (Stats):

Thank you.

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Steve Costello Applicaton Form.
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